Baby Number Three!

Well, here we are again pregnant with baby number three and so excited! Thank you all so much for your love and congratulations.  Here are the details on this pregnancy and baby so far and the answers to your questions. Was this baby planned? What made you decide to have baby number three now? Yes, this baby was very much planned and is a very wanted baby. We were discussing having another baby for a long time, as most of you know both my husband (Shane) and I were super clucky. In my opinion, there is never a perfect time to have a baby but we were both very ready to add another baby to our family. Being at university allows some flexibility as lectures can be watched online and I can choose my class times so when I do return to study after 12 months off I will be able to somewhat choose when to be on campus and will probably do part-time. How long did it take you to conceive? I am so lucky to be extremely fertile as Shane and I only actively tried to conceive for tw

Unique Wooden Women's Watches

I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful unique  wooden watch   from JORD Watches as part of their summer campaign. JORD Watches are based in the United States, however, they ship worldwide at no extra cost.  Here in Australia it is obviously winter and absolutely freezing, however, this beautiful unique timepiece and other similar timepieces from JORD could easily suit and compliment any season and outfit.  The watches come beautifully packaged in a wooden box, along with natural finishing oil to preserve the watch and a polishing cloth. The  watch  I received is part of the Fieldcrest series and is handcrafted from zebrawood and maple.  It has many beautiful features including: scratch-resistant mineral glass a stainless-steel deployment buckle with push buttons (making them easy to put on with one hand) it is splash resistant  and all watches come with a 12-month warranty. These timepieces make a great gift and I am seriously con

Motherhood is Isolating

Motherhood is Isolating  Becoming a mother at 16 and then again at 18 years old was the best thing that happened to me and I really feel despite my age mothering came so natural to me. It shouldn't come at a surprise I'm only 21 and seriously considering having our third baby even in the midst studying third year law full time. Motherhood has brought me so much joy and given me so much direction and determination. Before falling pregnant at 15-years-old I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life which is pretty normal for any 15-years-old. But after having my daughter, Ruby (6) I knew my biggest goal was achieving my dream of getting into law at university and being the best mum I could be. What I didn't know getting pregnant is that I would lose every single friendship that I had ever made before falling pregnant. Out of all the advice I was given from everyone to try and prepare myself in becoming a mum, I wish someone would have told me how lonely it was

Lack of Government Support For Teenage Parents

When you are experiencing pregnancy and are still a teenager it is extremely difficult because of all the 'obstacles' you face and finances are usually just one of these obstacles. It would be extremely difficult to try and finish your education, raise a baby, be a teen and maintain a job (shout out to all the mothers doing it!). Prioritising education should be a teenagers number one goal, after the health and happiness of them and their baby. When I fell pregnant at 15-years-old I continued to work and study up until I was about 37 weeks pregnant but after my baby was born I found it hard enough to maintain my education let alone thinking about working on top of that. That is why Australian citizens are so lucky to be supported by the government financially when we are unable to work for whatever reason (studying with a baby being just one). But all the paperwork, interviews and endless hours on the phone to social services can be very complex (to say the least). Wh

36 or 16 Motherhood is not EASY

Being pregnant in your teens is usually deemed  controversial  and there is a huge stigma surrounding it.  If you’re old enough to be having sex you should know the consequences, right? Yep, that is true. You should know all the consequences, however a 15-year-olds brain does not process decisions and consequences like a 25-year-olds or 35-year-olds (literally). This means younger people sometimes make decisions that they don’t fully understand the consequences of. It’s how brains are wired at a young age, it’s proven science! It doesn't make "excuses" for engaging in risky behaviour (including unprotected sex), but it does explain why some young people fall pregnant unexpectedly. Having a baby  at any age  seems to be controversial in modern society and it's hard to please everyone. I know people who have waited until their 40's to have a baby and they have been judged! Even when their life is so stable, they have a great career, a house and a husban

'Red Hair Bullying'

As I write this post I feel a little bit sick and quite emotional because there is nothing more in this world that I want for my children is to be accepted. Today I walked my five-year-old daughter to her kinder class, with her little brother on my hip. My son who is two and a half has bright red hair and beautiful sky-blue eyes (not that you can miss those, as he is all over my Instagram feed).  I usually don't take Archer into school with us as he is dropped off at daycare right before I walk Ruby to school because let’s be honest, two-year-old boys are quite a handful and I never enjoy feeling frazzled trying to chase him in between all the 'big kids'. But today I had no choice as he has been having fevers of over 39 degrees so he was more than unwell enough to be kept home.  When I am on semester break obviously he doesn't attend daycare so I sometimes get the chance to take him with us to school drop-offs and pick-ups, but it is pretty ra