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Let's talk contraception!  But first, in no way am I an expert and if you want to know more you should see your doctor or do some independent research. Let's be honest though, I have been somewhat unsuccessful in using birth control 🙈 (two babies later) but I have trialed a few different options (six to be exact) and finally found one that suits me.  When I fell pregnant at fifteen I was not using any birth control, partly because I was uneducated but partly because I thought I was invincible. My catholic high school preached abstinence and whilst that is technically a birth control that some people use, for me and for a lot of other people it just isn't practical.   An obvious option for birth control is condoms and when used and stored correctly they have a   98%   success rate, but they generally are 85% successful due to incorrect methods and storage. My first pregnancy was due to incorrect and inconsistent use of condoms so to be safe there are other way

Being a Father Comes From the Heart

Father's Day always brings up a lot of emotions for me, some good and some not so good. I truly believe that being a father is not because you created a baby but what comes after that. As a daughter of a stepfather I know this is the truth. My father left my mother, my sister and me when we were just a few months old because he was being unfaithful and had addictions. After this we lost all of the stabilisation in our lives (at least for a few years). My sister and I were abused by my mothers boyfriend and I ended up in hospital with a broken leg. My mother was scared that he was going to seriously hurt her or us if she left him as he kept a gun in the house. Thankfully I do not have much recollection as I was only two years old and I know that the trauma would have been worse if I did have memories. It still isn't easy to talk about but I promised myself I'd be honest once I started blogging. I do suffer from anxiety and have done so since the birth of my first ch

15 and Pregnant - My Motherhood Journey

It isn't a secret that most people know I fell pregnant at just fifteen years old but I wanted to tell my story without editing or highlighting negative perspectives as many media posts have done recently. I want to be a positive influence for other teenage parents or maybe just inspire one person, one young mother to finish their education or dreams they held before falling pregnant. So here goes... I had been dating my boyfriend for roughly three months before I realised that something was up. We weren't exactly being safe and I had been under the impression that he couldn't have children. I was a fifteen year old girl thinking that I was invincible and I was a little uneducated on the topic too. I was attending a catholic school and abstinence was talked about more than how to prevent a pregnancy but I wasn't completely naive, I did have some knowledge and knew there were risks when you have sex. Sex wasn't a topic that was discussed in my household openly