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'Red Hair Bullying'

As I write this post I feel a little bit sick and quite emotional because there is nothing more in this world that I want for my children is to be accepted. Today I walked my five-year-old daughter to her kinder class, with her little brother on my hip. My son who is two and a half has bright red hair and beautiful sky-blue eyes (not that you can miss those, as he is all over my Instagram feed).  I usually don't take Archer into school with us as he is dropped off at daycare right before I walk Ruby to school because let’s be honest, two-year-old boys are quite a handful and I never enjoy feeling frazzled trying to chase him in between all the 'big kids'. But today I had no choice as he has been having fevers of over 39 degrees so he was more than unwell enough to be kept home.  When I am on semester break obviously he doesn't attend daycare so I sometimes get the chance to take him with us to school drop-offs and pick-ups, but it is pretty ra

Why I Wanted Another Baby At 18

I was 18 when I fell pregnant with my second child and some people may have thought 'didn't she learn her lesson'. Well yes, I did learn my lesson - sort of. I actually really wanted another baby. My 18th birthday had just passed and I was half way through year 12 and had just come out of a rough relationship with my then two-year-old daughter's father. I felt hopeless and alone and had been wanting another baby even before we broke up, which may have contributed to the fact that we did break up. I wanted to be serious and I had grown up so much. I felt like a 30-year-old in an 18-year-olds body. I wanted to get married and have another baby but he was not ready and in the end, that was okay.  I had grown up in a pretty big family and I have a twin sister, so since birth I had always had a best friend. I couldn’t imagine Ruby growing up alone, with no siblings in the near future. As a mother there is always this ‘crave’ to have another baby both physically and

Women Shaming Women - Why It Needs to Stop.

I was recently subject to hateful comments online by another woman and it isn't the first time its happened. Online shaming of women happens every day, probably every minute of the day. Scrolling through your 'newsfeed' I am sure you have all seen hateful or negative comments from one woman to another. I am not sure why it happens, probably for a number of reasons but that is beyond the point. Women shaming other women needs to stop. The world is a nasty place even without the negative comments that women post or say about one another. When I fell pregnant at 15 years old I experienced both online and in person hate. I had comments such as 'You're never going to finish year 10', 'Your baby should be aborted' and 'You've ruined your life.' Comments like these can really have an impact on someone as I know first-hand. Just for the record, I did finish year 10, I kept my baby and I did not ruin my life. Not that I need to justify my