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36 or 16 Motherhood is not EASY

Being pregnant in your teens is usually deemed  controversial  and there is a huge stigma surrounding it.  If you’re old enough to be having sex you should know the consequences, right? Yep, that is true. You should know all the consequences, however a 15-year-olds brain does not process decisions and consequences like a 25-year-olds or 35-year-olds (literally). This means younger people sometimes make decisions that they don’t fully understand the consequences of. It’s how brains are wired at a young age, it’s proven science! It doesn't make "excuses" for engaging in risky behaviour (including unprotected sex), but it does explain why some young people fall pregnant unexpectedly. Having a baby  at any age  seems to be controversial in modern society and it's hard to please everyone. I know people who have waited until their 40's to have a baby and they have been judged! Even when their life is so stable, they have a great career, a house and a husban