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Lack of Government Support For Teenage Parents

When you are experiencing pregnancy and are still a teenager it is extremely difficult because of all the 'obstacles' you face and finances are usually just one of these obstacles. It would be extremely difficult to try and finish your education, raise a baby, be a teen and maintain a job (shout out to all the mothers doing it!). Prioritising education should be a teenagers number one goal, after the health and happiness of them and their baby. When I fell pregnant at 15-years-old I continued to work and study up until I was about 37 weeks pregnant but after my baby was born I found it hard enough to maintain my education let alone thinking about working on top of that. That is why Australian citizens are so lucky to be supported by the government financially when we are unable to work for whatever reason (studying with a baby being just one). But all the paperwork, interviews and endless hours on the phone to social services can be very complex (to say the least). Wh