Our Family


I'm Ebony! Shane and I recently married in January of 2017 and we have two beautiful children, Ruby who is six years old and Archer who is three years old. We live in Australia (Tasmania), the most beautiful place in the world.

I am a full-time law student, currently in my third year (only two more to go!), a mama to my two babies and a wife... I also waitress casually just because I don't have enough on my plate already!

As you can tell our life is crazy busy... and now I've taken up blogging too! I hope to potentially inspire some young mothers/parents out there and this whole blogging thing might just be beneficial for my state of mind too. I am only 22 and I might be young but I have already experienced so much.

I fell pregnant at just 15 years old at a catholic school and gave birth to my now five-year-old daughter, Ruby. Being a mother has taught me so much and shaped who I am today. I am someone who is determined to prove (a lot) of people wrong. Not many people supported my outright choice of continuing my pregnancy at such a young age and a lot of people were scared for me. But here I am continuing my education journey at university, the biggest goal I've ever aspired to achieve, apart from being a good mum.

In all of my other spare time (jokes), I am a long-term ambassador and board member for Brave Foundation, a not-for-profit Australian organization that builds a village of support around young/teenage parents in hopes of finishing their education.

I hope you enjoy following our journey, just as much as we enjoy living it.

ebony x

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